Michigan Wedding Photos

Some way or another, Michigan always pulls me back for the most amazing weddings. Not only are Sarah and Jon just full of fun, they also may be the most easy going couple I’ve ever worked with. Never losing focus of the fact that their wedding day was about the two of them… finally becoming husband and wife. Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs. Gunnells! 2015-06-03_00102015-06-03_00052015-06-03_00012015-06-03_00092015-06-01_00072015-06-01_00082015-06-01_00092015-06-01_00112015-06-03_00162015-06-03_00112015-06-03_00032015-06-03_00122015-06-03_00172015-06-03_00072015-06-01_00032015-06-03_00142015-06-03_00062015-06-01_00012015-06-03_00082015-06-01_00022015-06-01_0010

One thought on “Michigan Wedding Photos

  1. Sarah you were absolutely breathtaking beautiful and Jon was very handsome. I was pleased to be included in your day. These pix will truly bring memories to you and Jon in years to come.

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