Heirloom Wedding Albums

Yesterday I wrote about a very important topic–the importance of printing your photos. It’s something that we so easily forget about, yet so important to preserving our family history. And I’m thrilled to announce that I can now make that process so much easier for my wedding clients by offering beautiful custom albums!

Having a simple, beautiful album to showcase your wedding in makes it so easy to share with family and friends, without having to crowd around a tiny computer! I imagine my clients sitting down with their parents, grandparents, and someday, their own children…reliving the memories and the emotions that their wedding day brought. These albums are a tangible reminder… something that you can sit with, touch, turn the pages…its an experience. And that’s how I want your wedding album to be.

Clients can now pick from two sizes, a 10×10 square album and 12×18 horizontal album (shown here). Both sizes are absolutely gorgeous! Each album includes 20 pages with the option to upgrade to as many as 70 pages and also includes a full italian leather cover, with 10 unique color options to choose from. I custom design each interior spread based off your selection of favorites, and we work together to give you an album you’re over the moon with. And these aren’t your typical drug store albums. They’re weighty, sturdy, and complete with thick pages composed of professional grade paper.

NP12x18Album1 NP12x18Album2 NP12x18Album3 This 12×18 album shown below is a beauty and surely makes a statement! First off, just based on pure size this baby commands attention. The long horizontal shape makes for a beautiful canvas for those wide horizontal images.IMG_0126NP12x18Album4IMG_0046 IMG_0051_2IMG_0099

Email natalie@natalieprobst.com to find out how to add a beautiful custom album to your wedding package!

Have a wonderful weekend! :)

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