A donut a day…

There are many many perks to being self employed. Being your own boss, following your dreams and finally, the ability to set your own schedule. So if that means going to Glazed and Infused on a random morning to have a donut (or two) with a friend, you can! Being that I work from home most of the week, I often find myself getting a little cabin fever (especially now since it feels like we’ve been stuck in winter for years!) I’m so lucky to have found an amazingly open, talented and supportive group of friends within the photography community and it’s always nice to catch up on each others personal and professional lives. I find these chats to be invaluable and I’m always walking away feeling restored and motivated to continue down this crazy path I’m on. Thanks to my good friend Caili of Caili Helsper Photography for supporting my donut addiction and joining me on a donut date :) And who could say no to a donut with bacon on it? Come on.

So, now we’re on the hunt for the best donuts in Chicago. Where is your favorite place?


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