February Faves

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done my favorite things and since Valentine’s Day is in a couple weeks, I thought I’d bring it back! Enjoy a few of my faves this month. :)


1. Isabella Drop Earrings from BaubleBar: I always love adding a piece of glam jewelry to dress up an otherwise ordinary outfit and I’ve been coveting almost everything on their site. These beauties would be a great addition to my collection (hint hint!) ;)

2. Sam and Libby flats from Target:  I am dying to wear anything but my winter boots these days! I’ve been wearing my flats around the house, trying to trick Mother Nature into thinking its spring. These two tone flats would be perfect with slim cropped pants and a white blouse. AND totally affordable.

3. Red cocktail dress from JCrew: Looking for a Valentine’s Day dress? I’ve got you covered! This dress is classic and I love the cut around the shoulders, super flattering.

4. Dachshund Salt & Pepper shakers: Need I say more? I’ve been completely obsessed with dachshunds for quite some time now and as some of you know, even have my future dog already named (Milly!). My sister knows the way to may heart and always feeds my addiction, and surprised me with these pups at Christmas.

5. When Harry Met Sally: One of my favorite movies!! Snuggle up with your love this Valentine’s day and enjoy this classic.

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