Happy Halloweenie!

As some of you know, I have a serious obsession with dachshunds. Like, I already have her named (Milly) and Brian and I talk about her as if she exists kind of obsession (poor Brian). Although Halloween is my least favorite holiday, I can appreciate another day of the year to dress your animals in ridiculous costumes. :) Here are a few of my faves…

I imagine her singing Beauty School Dropout…

2b71d536637f30fffd88359881fb8eb6Animals being animals…

article-2480466-1912ACD800000578-319_634x434Simple yet classic…

63d7215e0a9721b10176d01f0c7a5752And my personal fave…Hipster Dachshund. (Hoping I can get Milly to rock this look daily..)


Wishing you a Happy Halloween!

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