She’s TYING the Knot!

Two weekends ago, myself and 12 other girls made the trip to northern Michigan for my friend Marie’s nautical themed bachelorette party. Her family has a  beautiful home on the water in Bay Harbor, where we spent the weekend soaking up the sun, getting in some girl time and of course causing a little ruckus. Her sister Erin did such an amazing job planning the entire weekend (future wedding planner?) right down to the little details. Being the DIY lover that I am, I offered to make a themed banner to hang…but of course the week slipped by and I was up until the wee hours the night before our departure, coloring in each letter with a sharpie. It wasn’t until we were all about to head home on Sunday (after the banner had been hanging for three days) that someone finally realized that in my ‘She’s tying the knot’ banner I had spelled tying as tieing…Embarrassing! I really always have been more concerned with the aesthetics than the technical aspects I suppose. :) Happy Monday! IMG_0004IMG_0008vertical1IMG_0025vertical2IMG_0028vertical3IMG_0073IMG_0080

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